Our artisans are our purpose. Their tenacity, resiliency and bravery inspires us. Their talent, experience and hard work creates a product that is beautiful, timeless, graceful and carries a lifetime of soul. Meet our artisans. Shop us online and on Amazon

Meet the weaving group in Kitui, Kenya. See blog to learn about their village and how they weave our gorgeous handmade bags and baskets.

Our partnership creates fashion products that are sustainable, eco-friendly, circular, organic, earth conscious. Elegant, timeless intricately woven bags and baskkets.

Meet one of our artisans and our host in the Maasai Mara. Read blog to see our journey to the Maasai Mara through the Great Rift Valley.

Maasai Beading Circle

It is such an honor to be allowed and accepted in the beading circle. The women take the time to talk, share and grow their sisterhood.

A matriarch watching over her group. Her blessing and permission allowed us to work with the women.
Part of our mission is to provide the girls with menstrual hygiene kits to help them face their periods with dignity.
Leah Selei spending time with our co-founder, Kate. She leads a group of 27 women from Ngong’
Phylis, a member of Sawa Sawa staff learning and listening from one of the Ngong’ artisans.
Phylis understanding the art of bead layering from Nasieku.
Spending time with the women helps us understand the pockets of need and how we can best serve them.

Yantsui creates most of our circle designs. She enjoys telling stories of Maasai history as she beads. It is important to her that wee understand the meaning of the colors and the patterns.
Mwende beads away in the market. She usually creates our tassel designs but she can do anything.

Phylis is our wonderful community liaison, she speaks Maa and helps us communicate and create rapport. She is explaing the bags and how to make a good, luxury bag.
Getting to the artisan villages is a ‘safari’ literally. Kate shows us the beauty in the journey.
Kate and the team packaging the food, menstrual hygiene products, beading materials and more gifts for the women as they prepare to be received in the villages.