Bead Colors and Their Meaning

Every color in the ancient African culture holds a special meaning and communicated something to the people around you. You attract what you send out to the universe. Even hundreds of years ago, fashion had the power to transform, make a statement and show your place in society.

Black: stands for the human struggle we must endure. It acknowledges that sometimes we go through hard times and to grow, we have to suffer. It is a part of life.

Red: Stands for boldness and bravery. Comes from the color of blood.

Yellow: Stands for Fertility and growth. Comes from the warmth of the sun that encourages new growth.

Blue: Stands for energy and nourishment. Comes from the sky and its power to send down rain to nourish the world and give it energy.

Orange: Stands for generosity and friendship. Worn in most ceremonies between families and friends.

White: Stands for peace and purity. Comes from the color of milk that was believed to be pure and a super food. Also used when trying to keep the peace.

Green: Stands for good health and production. Comes from the color of vegetation, food, and land.

Multicolored patterns: Stand for life in all its complexity.

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