Board and Staff

Our board and staff is made of fierce, bold women who are passionate, skilled and equipped to fulfill our mission. They are driven and continually working towards helping artisan women and influencing what fashion, sustainability and economic empowerment means and how it affects society.

Sawa Sawa Collection board member Angelica Johnsen, tesoros maya
Angelica Johnsen: Board Member and Founder, Tesoros Maya

Angelica Johnsen, Founder of Tesoros Maya. She brings to the board a passion and deep understanding of the work we do. She has founded a similar business empowering women artisans in Guatemala and preserving an ancient weaving craft. Her work provides the artisan women with a sustainable, dignified income, a sense of pride in their culture and social-economic freedom.

Her background in Government and International studies helps us navigate the complexity that comes with grants, funding, contractual agreements, legal fiduciary and many more issues.

Experience working with artisan women in developing countries helps us share and come up with lasting solutions to the unique challenges faced by these communities, in governance, culture, female empowerment and the commerce side of our nonprofit corporation.

Kate Mung'ara, sawa sawa collection board member
Kate Mung’ara: Board Member and Founder, Zafarani Afrika

Kate is the founder of Zafarani Afrika. She is passionate about making a difference in the everyday lives of the artisans. Works directly with the artisans in Kenya helping them with resources and solutions to the many challenges they face. Joined forces with Anne to become a co-founder of Sawa Sawa Collection.

As the face of Sawa Sawa Collection in Kenya, Kate coordinates the artisans in multiple rural villages and Nairobi markets. She runs the resource center to provide aid to the women artisans and also purchase, brand and package the handmade products. She leads a very capable team to help reach and empower more artisan women.

Her background in business and finance helps her run the center effectively and understand the value to economic empowerment to every individual artisan women, her family and the society as a whole.

Anne Drane, Founder

Sawa Sawa means “It will be okay.” in Swahili. It is founded by women to support fellow women in Africa and create an ethical fashion line for the American woman. Anne brings vision and passion to the board. She has a business degree in Finance that helps her run the commerce side of the nonprofit. Having a sustainable stream of revenue helps us keep our promises to the women that depend on it. Anne is responsible for the American side of the social enterprise. This includes; Marketing, branding, website maintenance, Finance and much more.

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