Sustainable bags: Our Kiondo Collection Lookbook – Handmade Organic Artisan Fashion.

perfect Beach Bag

Sawa Sawa Collection bags are handwoven by women in Kenya using a craftsmanship that has passed the test of time. The sisal fiber is sustainably harvested from the leaves of organic agave plants, dried and dyed with organic plant and naturally occurring dye. The flap closure is made of leather and adjustable leather straps which comes from the Maasai cattle. Every bag helps empower women and children by giving them economic independence and funding other empowerment initiatives. The bags are available for sale in wholesale and retail quantities. See pictures and videos below. Let us know what you would like to order. If you have a design in mind that is not listed, send us a picture, call us, email let us know how wee can bring it to life. 

The bags are conscious, eco-friendly, organic, sustainable, bio-degradable, fair trade, plant based and handwoven.

Please keep in mind each bag takes weeks to weave, trim and ship. Each bags shows how talented and hard working these women are, they give it their all. Thank you for supporting our mission!

Checkered brown bag. Shop retail | Shop Wholesale on Abound
Soft neutral colors
Bright Summer Collection

Showcase the different use of natural fibers i.e. sisal, wool and papyrus reed in the same bag design.
sawa sawa round kiondo bag

Photography by the talented Summer Miles @andthelivingseasy on Instagram

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