Foundations That Fund Nonprofits Focused On Empowering Artisan Women.

Nonprofit brands like SAWA SAWA benefit from outside funding from generous philanthropists and foundations. There are several foundations that fund nonprofits focused on empowering artisan women and creating economic independence in Kenya.

Here are a few examples:

1. The Pollination Project: The Pollination Project provides seed grants to grassroots projects and initiatives around the world, including Kenya. They support projects that empower women and promote economic independence, such as artisan cooperatives or vocational training programs.

2. The Global Fund for Women: The Global Fund for Women is an international foundation that supports women’s rights organizations and initiatives. They provide grants to organizations working on a wide range of women’s issues, including economic empowerment. They have supported projects in Kenya that focus on artisan women’s empowerment and economic self-sufficiency.

3. The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women: The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women is dedicated to supporting women entrepreneurs in low and middle-income countries. They provide business mentoring, training, and access to capital to help women build sustainable businesses. They have worked with women artisans in Kenya, helping them improve their skills, access markets, and achieve economic independence.

4. The Mastercard Foundation: The Mastercard Foundation is committed to promoting financial inclusion and economic opportunities for young people in Africa. They support initiatives that empower women, including those in the artisan sector. Through partnerships with NGOs and other organizations, they provide funding, training, and resources to help women artisans thrive.

5. The Ford Foundation: The Ford Foundation is a global philanthropic organization that supports various social justice initiatives. They have a history of funding projects in Kenya that focus on women’s empowerment and economic independence. They provide grants to organizations working with women artisans, supporting their capacity building, access to markets, and entrepreneurship development.

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