Give A Gift Made With Love: Fashion With Impact. Handmade Round Crossbody Bag.

Handmade Round Shoulder Bag

Discover the transcendent beauty of our “Peaceful Nature” round bag, a true embodiment of peace and purity. Crafted as a homage to the serene hues found in nature, this bag is handwoven by talented artisans in Kenya, telling a captivating tale of the color white inspired by the essence of milk.

Elegantly designed yet incredibly spacious, this crossbody bag boasts a round silhouette that encapsulates the spirit of native African sisal plant fibers. It effortlessly transitions from a stunning accessory to an essential part of your everyday routine, perfectly accommodating all your daily necessities. Its rich, textural, rustic charm exudes an air of elegance and comfort, reflecting the delicate balance between fashion and functionality.


  • Crafted from durable, washable, and organic plant-based fibers, sustainably harvested from the agave plant, making it an eco-friendly and biodegradable choice.
  • Twin top zipper closure and leather sides ensure both convenience and durability.
  • An adjustable crossbody leather strap and soft cloth lining add a touch of comfort to your style.

Size Information:

  • Top zipper length: 12 inches
  • Twin zipper opening: 2 inches
  • Diameter of the round sides: 10 inches
  • Length of the leather sides: 3.25 inches
  • Adjustable strap length

Our commitment to sustainability is woven into every fiber of this bag. The sisal fiber is meticulously harvested from agave leaves in a sustainable manner, contributing to the preservation of the environment. The entire process, from drying to dyeing using locally sourced natural dyes, is carried out by hand, ensuring an ethical and earth-conscious approach.

Ethical Fashion:
We proudly embrace the concept of ethical fashion. This bag is a testament to our dedication to the people who craft it, the environment it’s sourced from, and the fair compensation of their incredible effort. Handmade by women in their own communities, using ancient weaving techniques, it’s a representation of preserving cultural heritage while uplifting these talented artisans.

About Sawa Sawa:
As a black woman-founded non-profit fashion brand co-founded by Anne and Catherine, we are on a mission to empower the artisan women of Kenya. Our brand serves as a platform for harnessing their remarkable skills, including weaving, beading, and artistry, to provide them with a sustainable and dignified income. 10% of our revenue goes towards providing menstrual hygiene kits and reproductive health education, ensuring these women have the opportunity to stay in school consistently.

Features & Details:
Immerse yourself in the intricate artistry of our handwoven bags. Each creation is a labor of love, requiring around 50 agave leaves, carefully harvested, stripped, dyed, and dried. The weaving process takes two to three weeks, all done by hand, resulting in a truly unique masterpiece that embodies the essence of ancient craftsmanship.

Ethical Excellence:
We are committed to ethical practices that uplift artisan women in their natural environment. Our fair trade partnerships support these communities and their time-honored traditions, providing a source of empowerment while preserving cultural heritage.

Sustainability at Heart:
Crafted from sustainably harvested agave leaves, locally sourced leather, and nature-derived dyes, our brand embodies a circular and eco-conscious ethos. By embracing 11 out of the 17 UN sustainable development goals, we ensure our impact extends to economic, social, and environmental realms.

Harmony with Nature:
Our bags are born from nature and gracefully return to it. Crafted from natural, organic, and biodegradable plant fibers, they seamlessly blend style and sustainability.

Empowering Impact:
We proudly stand as a black female-founded nonprofit brand with a purpose-driven focus. With each purchase, you contribute to our mission of empowering Kenyan artisan women. 10% of our revenue supports reproductive health education and menstrual hygiene kits, enabling these girls to pursue education without hindrance.

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