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Grants, Funding and Friends

We are very grateful to our donors , grantors and friends. Your support helps us empower artisan women in Kenya. It gives us an opportunity to learn from them, fund reproductive health, food, water wells, and health care for women and girls.

Our friends support us in various ways: cash grants, in kind grants, volunteer skills, partnerships and collaborations. To get involved, please click below. We respect the privacy of our anonymous donors and partners.

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Our areas of impact are women empowerment, economic independence, reproductive health, girl child education, sustainability, equity, eco-friendly fashion, food and nutrition, access to water, wildlife, medical camps and more. Our primary mission is women empowerment and economic independence. Our secondary mission is reproductive health and menstrual hygiene kits. All other programs depend on uniqueness of villages based on need, location and resources.

The easiest way to help is to shop our collection, share our mission, share on social media and reach out with ideas.

See our Get Involved page to learn more.

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