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It’s Fall Y’all.Time for our Gladiator Sandal!

Sawa Sawa USA Fall Gladiator Sandal
Gladiator Sandal! Designed for the strong, bold woman. Now available in 4 colors.

It’s Fall! What are your plans this season?

It’s finally Fall in Texas which means we get a break from the scorching summer heat, yay. It’s time to take out some shorts and sandals and go outside. We have a wonderful selection of beautiful fall gladiator sandals. They come in 4 different colors. Handmade in Kenya of high-quality leather and a flexible rubber sole using an age-old tribal technique. They are decorated with Maasai beads hand stitched into leather in a gladiator design for our Gladiatrix Collection made for the strong, bold woman.

This fall, my number 1 list item is to finally go to the Hamilton pool preserve. It is about a 5-minute drive from my house but for some reason, we have never been to this gorgeous natural wonder despite living here for the last 3 years. I look forward to sharing the experience with my hubby and daughter. What is on your list this Fall? Any awesome places in Austin TX or Dripping Springs TX to visit with an overactive 19-month-old daughter?

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Love to all, have a great season.

Anne Drane.

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