Learn more about our mission.

At Sawa Sawa Collection, we aim to create a group of self helping artisan women in Kenya.

We foster a few programs that help women create lasting solutions to the unique cultural and economic challenges they face.

Our two major programs are;

1. Providing the artisan women with resources, for example, beads, leather, strings, tool kits etc. They create beautiful accessories, shoes, bags, art using ancient skills. They learn these skills throughout their life.

2. We buy the products from them at a fair, market price. We assist them with modern, contemporary designs that keep the authenticity of the time-tested tribal craftsmanship.

This creates a sustainable wage they can rely on. They are able to provide for their families, have economic freedom and be a source of economic development.

See more about our programs on our PayPal donation page. Here.

Our goal this coming year is to create a resource center in Kenya. Make it a safe place for women to support each other and get all the help they need.

We appreciate all the help we have received this far.

Donations, grants and buying our artisan accessories, shoes and bags.

Happy Holidays to all.

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