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My Holiday Miracle!

Samples of our 2019 collection are here! Yay! My partner Kate and I spent countless agonizing hours making sure everything was exactly as we envisioned it. The sizes perfect, high quality beads, modern designs that hold the authenticity of the tribal techniques, among others.

The package from Kenya to Austin, TX took 3 weeks to arrive. We had ordered 3 to 7 days air delivery with tracking. We could not track the package and had no idea if it would ever get here.

Anyone that depends on shipping companies from developing countries knows all too well that there is no recourse if anything goes wrong. Policies are not implemented or enforced due to mind boggling levels of corruption.

I almost gave up but to my surprise, Postal Kenya is very responsive to messages. They tracked my package to Germany still on transit a week ago. Yesterday [sigh of relief] I got it! Thank you Postal Kenya!!!

We will be on tour starting this Friday exploring Sawa Sawa Collection and getting to know our founder, Anne better. The package arrived just on time. Thank God.

Join us on tour starting November 30 to December 9. Follow on Facebook and Instagram @sawasawausa


Anne Drane.

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