Ngong’ Artisans

Ngong’ is a beautiful little town on the Great rift valley. It is known for its beautiful hills that overlook the rift valley views on one side and a national wildlife park on another. It is also the place ‘Out of Africa’ was filmed.

Leah Selei: Matriarch of the Ngong’ artisans pictured with our co-founder.

The artisans are women who live one with nature. They are comprised of mothers and grandmothers who enjoy beading as a rite of passage. They use their skill to make accessories. Through our partnership they are able to make a living to provide basic needs, education and medicine to their families.

Leah and her group can be found at the market in Ngong’ and Nairobi selling some of the accessories.

Kate loves to meet with Leah and spend time listening and learning how we can best serve them.

Thank you for supporting our work and our partnership with the artisan women.

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