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The balance Bracelet represents the beauty of peace and suffering. Both part of life. White represents peace. Black represents suffering.

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The balance bracelet is the equilibrium between peace and suffering.

White in the Maasai community stands for peace, purity and human nourishment. This comes from the great respect of milk from the cattle that is pure, nourishing and perfectly balanced with everything the human body needs.

Black stands for human suffering. The acknowledgement that sometimes bad things happen and life is not always fair.

A perfect balance of the two represents life and the beauty of balance.

This long bracelet handcrafted using black and white beads. leather with snap closure.

It is handmade by Nasieku. She is one of the women in Maasai Mara. A village of the Maasai people that believe in keeping life simple.

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  1. anneDrane

    Perfect balance

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