Brave and Bold Necklace/Bracelet



Our brave multipurpose accessory is handcrafted from red and white micro Maasai beads and accented with a hook closure. This delicate, intricate, hand beaded multipurpose necklace and/or bracelet can go with anything. It is a perfect fashion accessory that empowers the women that make it. It is inspired by the color of blood that inspires bravery. Life favors the bold. 

  • Size: 26 inches L 
  • Beaded by hand 
  • Maasai micro beads 
  • Hook closure 
  • Handcrafted in Kenya 
  • Empowers Women and Girls 

Inspired by the colors of nature, white stands for peace and red for bold and bravery. Handwoven by artisans in Kenya. The brave and bold multi use accessory is hand beaded from Maasai micro beads. It can be used as a necklace, bracelet, anklet or any. It has a rich, textural, rustic feel that is elegant, stylish and comfortable. 

Features: 1. Multipurpose hand beaded accessory. 2. A hook closure. 

Size Information: length: 26 inches. 

Ethical Fashion: Ethical fashion is the awareness of the people and the process of making our accessories. It is fashion that is morally right for the people that create, the environment they are in and fair compensation of their effort. This bag is handmade by women in their community using ancient weaving craftsmanship. 

About SAWA SAWA: We are a black woman, sustainable, non-profit eco-fashion brand. Co-founded by Anne and Catherine. Our mission is to empower artisan women in Kenya by harnessing their ancient skills in weaving, beading, art and more to provide a sustainable dignified income. We buy from the women to give them an income and a platform to share their skills. We re-invest the revenue into various 501(c)3 non-profit empowerment programs especially reproductive health education and menstrual hygiene kits for girls in school. 


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