Our mission is to use fashion to instill value and improve the quality of life of the artisan women and their families. Through communication and empathetic listening, we understand the unique challenges, goals and dreams facing individuals, their families and communities.

We impact the women and the girls in two ways;

The primary mission is to empower artisan women make a dignified, sustainable income using ancient skills. We use fashion to change the lives of the artisans by creating a platform to share their craft and talent with the world.

Our secondary mission is to use the income from our primary mission to provide girls with menstrual kits. This helps them stay in school consistently and have dignity during their period.

  • Empower Women With Tools and Materials

Sawa Sawa’s primary program is to ensure that every artisan with the drive and willingness to create has the tools and materials to do so. Most beading circles are open to women who can afford to bring their own tools and materials. To empower all women, we provide beads, crafting tools and other requested supplies to the artisan women needing some help to get started. We then buy the end product to give them an income.

  • Keep Girls in School: End Period Poverty

The artisan women have expressed constantly a deep desire to see their daughters educated and successful. Among many other issues to be solved in due time, lack of sanitary towels has been a huge hindrance for adolescent girls. They miss a week of school every month to bleed. It makes it impossible for women to achieve equality and compete with men in the same environment. The most important thing in empowering girls and preparing them to become empowered women of substance is a proper, consistent education.

#endperiodpoverty program provides a menstruation hygiene kit to every girl in the artisan women villages consisting of sanitary pads, underwear, soap and pain relieving, reusable hot water bottle. We provide the school with supplies for the girls as needed. Through partnership with local leaders, we provide education to both girls and boys about the natural process of menstruation. This aims to normalize menstruation and end the stigma and shame associated with it. It will bring an end to women being considered unclean and sent away from their schools and families.

Our artisan villages are in Nairobi, Oliotoktok – on the foot of mount Kilimanjaro, Maasai Mara, Ngong’ and Kiserian. We hope to add more villages as we grow and acquire more funding.

We are in the initial stages of the program. We hope to find like-minded organizations to help us create a safe space for girls to dream and achieve.

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