Sawa Sawa Collection Sustainability.

At Sawa Sawa, we believe that trade is better than aid. Giving our artisan women an opportunity to get themselves out of poverty and strife through skills in beading, weaving, sculpting that they use in their everyday life.

This gives them pride in their achievements, self confidence and become a good example for the younger generations.

It reduces their reliance on international aid from organizations such as, the united nations, Action aid, OXfam, Usaid among others.

Putting a monetary value in the ancient, tribal beading, weaving, sculpting, basketry etc. helps preserve the cultural practices and teach future generations the history of the people while sustaining economic development.

Our sustainability program is based on trade. We provide the artisans with the tools, materials, resources and training they need. We help them find lasting solutions to other pressing problems that hinder their productivity and quality of life. Finally, we buy all the handmade products at a fair market value to create a complete cycle.

We sell the products in the USA and put the money back into our programs and the artisan communities.

We have seen a direct result in poverty eradication, female empowerment, economic freedom and overall quality of life.

Help us, Shop our artisan line, donate, volunteer your time and skills, share our mission with a friend.

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