Sawa Sawa Volunteer Onboarding

Welcome to Sawa Sawa Collection. We are glad you are here giving your time and skills to our non-profit brand.

Our mission is to empower artisan women in Kenya make a dignified, sustainable income using skills handed down through generations in beading, weaving, basketry, art and more.

We have a few areas that excite us and inspire us to keep moving forward;

  • Using fashion as a force for good. Fashion has the power to change the world and make a difference in the lives of the people that create what we wear. Fashion can inspire sustainability in the process, tools, materials, wages and human resources. It has a direct impact on cultural appreciation and preservation, poverty eradication, equity, and more.
  • By creating an ethical, sustainable fashion brand, we create a revenue stream. This helps us fund projects that matter to the communities that create our fashion brand. Our core programs are #endperiodpoverty and women empowerment. End period poverty includes; reproductive health, sex education, menstrual hygiene pads, soap, underwear and more. The main goal is to help girls stay in school consistently and have a chance at a future while avoiding period shame and taboos associated with it.

Your interest in volunteering for Sawa Sawa Collection will help our start-up  fashion brand grow into a force for change in fashion and for the artisans. Know that you are appreciated and greatly valued.

You will receive training in your area of expertise. We encourage a creative, self-driven approach. Your ideas and outlook is your greatest asset and encouraged. We will determine how many hours a week for how many weeks you can avail yourself and what role you will play.

We nurture a relationship that is symbiotic. Let us be of value to you. Let us know your motivation and how we can help you achieve satisfaction in volunteering your time. What drives you and how can we fuel that? It could be our mission, college credits, job experience etc.   b

If you have any questions, please email

We are happy you are here. Welcome. Find us on Instagram and Facebook


Anne Drane.

Sawa Sawa Collection

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