SAWA SAWA: The Mystery of Weaving


The mystery of weaving teaches us that everything on earth is connected. We are all a small part of the world. The animals, birds, wildlife, humans, plants, soil, forestry, sea and marine life etc. are all part of the woven tapestry. If one part of that weaving is destroyed, the entire weave comes apart.

Every color and every pattern in a woven bag has a meaning to remind us that we are a small part of the rest of the universe. Our part is to take care of the world, feel the feelings that are part of that existence and do our part to pass it on better than we found it to the next generation.

The materials used in the weave are the message. They come from nature, respect their role in nature and are biodegradable at the end of their usefulness in nature.
SAWA SAWA strives to be part of modern fashion that takes into consideration our role on this blue rock. Our part in creating brands that are sustainable, moral, ethical and kind.

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