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A collection of unique, elegant, hand crafted fashion accessories. Proceeds empower women and girls in Kenya.

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Sawa Sawa means ‘it will be okay’ in Swahili. Our ethical collection is handmade by artisan women in Kenya using ancient techniques that have been passed down through generations. Proceeds go back to women empowerment and menstrual hygiene kits to keep the girls in school. We are a black women founded brand. We are so happy you are here. WELCOME!

Our artisan group leader-Leah with our COO-Kate in Ngong’

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Our mission is to empower the artisans in Kenya make a living using skills handed down through generations. The more items we buy from the women, the more we amplify the economic impact. Help us source more accessories, shoes and bags by carrying our brand. Our team makes sure that the products are well designed and highest possible quality. Proceeds help us provide young school girls with menstrual hygiene kits to help them stay in school.

Discover ethical, handcrafted, eco friendly, natural organic sisal fiber.

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Sisal Kiondo Bag. Wholesale price $29

Our conscious, ethically made, handwoven bags are absolutely gorgeous. They retail at $99 and wholesale at $39. Click HERE to see the lookbook

Natural organic fiber: Sisal, wool, reeds

Shop the gorgeous round bags handwoven from organic sisal fiber from the agave plant, wool and reed fiber from the papyrus plant. All trimmed with leather, leather sides and adjustable leather straps. eco friendly, sustainable, natural, and fair

Organic, natural plant based dye

Dyed with organic natural plant based dyes. The whole process is done by hand in a community of women working together.

Handcrafted with beads.


Bohemian, hippie, colorful, chic. Our earrings are handmade from colorful beads in an ancient Maasai craftsmanship.

Leather and beads


Meticulously handcrafted with high quality leather, a flexible rubber sole, soft velvet inner lining topped with intricate hand beaded patterns.

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PayPal Donate to our #endperiodpoverty initiative to help provide school going adolescent girls with menstrual hygiene kits to help them stay in school.

The sandal, bags and earring categories are currently available for wholesale. We will be adding bracelets, home goods and other trinkets as the demand grows and as we provide the women with resources to create. If you have any questions, concerns, curious about anything – it doesn’t have to be about our products, please reach out to us at or text 7373330594

The first wholesale order might take time to complete – please account for the delay – It takes time to get the women started on new orders but it flows smoothly once they have it on schedule.

Our co-founder and COO Kate shares her trip to the women villages in the Maasai Mara. She is joined by the team in Kenya and our guides.

Thank you for your interest to partner with us through wholesale fashion. We appreciate your effort to support our mission. Please fill out the form below and let us get to know each other. We will be in touch shortly after.

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