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Ellen Sirleaf Gladiatrix

Sirleaf Gladiatrix Sandal

Our Gladiatrix series honors inspirational, bold and brave African women in recent history.

Our third inspiration of the series comes from the first female head of state in Africa. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was the president of Liberia and one of the few female heads of state in the world. She inspires young women who aspire to join the complex male dominated world of politics and Government. She is highly educated and achieved and rose above many challenges to become the president of liberia. She is still fighting for the rights of the West African nation. Read more on her Wikipedia here

We chose to honor her legacy with the blue sandal because Liberia has a beautiful coast.

We have honored Wangari Maathai, a nobel laureate environmentalist and Tecla Sang, an Olympic Champion.

We would like to hear more about women who inspire you. Let us know on our blog, Facebook or Instagram @sawasawausa


Anne Drane.

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