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Vending 101

I participated in my first community event a while back and I learnt a lot. Here are a few lessons. Lets learn from my experience.

1. Be prepared! I was a girl guide back in primary school in Kenya (equivalent to girl scouts) That was our Motto. I should have practiced setting up my display and figured out what works and what doesn’t and maximized my space before hand.

Today my daughter and I spent the day setting up the tent, table, jewelry display (recycled fire place screen) looks awesome and holds a lot of stuff! I now feel more confident. I got this!

2. Payment!

Make sure you can swipe credit and debit cards. I did not have my square on the day. A few people paid through PayPal. Have some change on you too. Be sure to accomodate all sorts of payments. Even payment apps. Stay upto date on the new money transfer methods.

3. Have some business cards that are colorful and hold attention. I had some diy cards (I’m thrifty) but everyone had nicer cards. I learnt I should do better.

4. A banner or poster.

Something, anything that attempts to explain what you do before you have to. I had some posters that my hubby made before I rebranded from Anne Drane Collection to Sawa Sawa Collection. Gotta do better!

5. Have no expectations!

It’s your first time! Take it easy on yourself. You are out there selling your brand. Relax, enjoy, have fun, learn. Talk to the experienced vendors. They gave me a lot of good pointers.

You are already doing awesome being out there chasing your dreams and meeting your goals. You can only grow from here. Keep on keeping on!

Thats it for now! The second event is coming up soon. Will let y’all know how it goes!

As always,

Anne Drane.

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