Maasai Brand


Our Maasai brand is a collection of unique, colorful, high quality, intricately handcrafted modern accessories, clothing, bags and sandals that stay true to the authenticity of the Maasai culture and traditions. We are inspired by the Maasai iconic Values of boldness, bravery, and strength. Follow on Instagram

Kate is our amazing gladiatrix that keeps our Maasai brand as pristine as possible and keeps us all on our toes bringing our A game to the team and to the collection.

Meet Kate, Founder of Zafarani Afrika

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Meet her team.

The founder of Zafarani Afrika, Kate is passionate about working directly with the artisans and craftsmen. She works with a team of designers and stylists to produce a collection for our gladiatrix tribe – the modern, bold and strong woman that is ethical, sustainable, conscious and fair. It provides an avenue for the talented artisans in Kenya to connect to the international fashion industry.



She is also a mom, a wife, a model, a designer, an entrepreneur and an inspiration. She strives to provide other mothers with an opportunity to create a life of their own and provide for their families with grace and dignity.


When she is not doing all the above, Kate teaches cultural appreciation to the locals, foreign students and tourists. She has campaigned across the beautiful country of Kenya for people to embrace the culture and buy local to support the local economy.

Kate at the safari walk. The Safari Walk is a showcase for Kenya’s Parks and Reserves, allowing visitors to discover what they can expect to see across the country.

The way we spend our money is a testament of the life we hope to build. Support Zafarani Afrika, Join the gladiatrix tribe at Sawa Sawa and Zafarani

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