Empowering Women and Girls in Kenya

Shop a handcrafted, sustainable collection that is elegant, textural, rich and best of all empowers women and girls in Kenya.

This Fall we are raising funds to get menstrual kits to school girls in rural Kenya. Shop or Donate on PayPal to help us #endperiodpoverty. $25 buys a box containing 48 packets of sanitary pads.


Get a gift that is handcrafted, elegant, unique and impacts women. Handwoven using an organic, eco-friendly sisal fiber sustainably harvested from the agave plant and leather. The colors and patterns are dyes sourced from nature. The women pour their hearts and soul into the craft. Perfect for a holiday gift.

Happy Holidays!

Agave plant – Sisal fiber | Blog Post


Empower Women | #EndPeriodPoverty

#EndPeriodPoverty – Menstrual kits and reproductive health education.

Helping girls stay in school helps solve a myriad of other problems.

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These wonderful, talented women and their daughters are the reason your support is invaluable. Your purchase helps empower the women by creating a market for their work. You also help keep their girls in school by ending period poverty through menstruation education and kits.