Empowering Women and Girls in Kenya

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit brand. Our mission is to empower artisan women in Kenya make a sustainable, dignified living by harnessing ancient craftsmanship in weaving, beading and more. 10% of your purchase funds reproductive health education and menstrual hygiene kits to keep girls in school, get them a consistent education, dignity, safety and privacy during their period.


Consciously handcrafted through our partnerships with artisan women. Ethically made in their communities and families. Woven from sustainably sourced, eco friendly, natural, organic, biodegradable sisal fiber. Good for the people, process and planet. WEAR GOOD, empower women.

Agave plant – Sisal fiber | Read Blog Post HERE

Handmade with LOVE


Empower Women | #EndPeriodPoverty

#EndPeriodPoverty – Menstrual kits and reproductive health education.

Helping girls stay in school helps solve a myriad of other problems.

Help us raise funds to get menstrual hygiene kits to school girls in rural Kenya. Click here to Donate $25 once. Become a recurring donor here. $25 buys a box containing 48 packets of sanitary pads. This keeps 16 girls in school a semester. Find out more ways to get involved here

Shop by Collection. There is a time for everything under the sun and a meaning behind every color

The wonderful, talented women and their daughters are the reason your support is invaluable. Your purchase helps empower the women by creating a market for their work. You also help keep their girls in school by ending period poverty through menstruation education and kits.